Construction Management: All’s Fair in Customer Service

December 18, 2015

A father’s lessons last a lifetime I started to know my father better when I started working for him as a teenager in his grocery store in Iowa. Stocking shelves, cleaning up aisles and manning cash registers taught me something about business, but I learned more by observing my father interact with his customers. He…
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KBD Says Farewell to 2015 and Welcomes 2016

December 9, 2015

Lessons Learned and Looking Ahead As 2015 winds down, it is a time of reflection on the valuable lessons learned this year and what these lessons can mean for 2016. Nationwide, the state of the construction industry is strong, with spending increasing to more than $1.1 trillion in October – the largest increase in the…
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Construction Management: Running to Win

July 31, 2015

Reaching a goal requires continuous effort The last mile of any marathon requires the greatest effort. Many runners face two choices: give up or finish the race. When I ran the 2011 Publix Georgia Half Marathon, I did it to raise awareness about the devastating 2011 Japan earthquake; even though I was emotionally and physically…
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Construction Management: It’s About the Relationships

June 23, 2015

We need each other to get the job done Growing up, my dad was the master of patience and respect even though my family tested him daily. He was a man who never mistreated others or fought back because he was mistreated. He lived by a simple code – no one deserved retribution or rough…
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Construction Management: You Can Only Say No Once

May 20, 2015

You can say yes many times, but you can only say no once. Where I grew up in rural Oklahoma, there was not much to do for work besides the manufacturing plant or the oil fields. Those were all well and good, but as a young man I wanted more. So, I moved to Texas.…
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Construction Management: Financial Executives Need to Ask, “What’s Next?”

April 29, 2015

Preparing for the future is key to continued success in construction management. I have enjoyed a career focused on real estate development, construction, management and ownership. Companies I have served are as diverse as a Dutch-owned commercial real estate firm to a publicly traded hotel owner based in Dallas to my current role as Senior…
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Construction Management in the Digital Age

March 25, 2015

Construction firms are now utilizing electronic signatures Mike Brown, LEED AP I’m often one of the last to leave our office in the evening. Sometimes I leave a little too late and notice our cleaning crew straightening up the office at the end of the day. They dust off computers, surfaces and even the copiers,…
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Construction Management: Building and Designing Sock Drawers

February 4, 2015

Managing construction and sock pairings are more similar than you'd think. KBD Group's Vice President Mike Rhinehart Design-Build professionals aren’t necessarily known for their style. I’m no different. Each morning, I wake up early and get ready to start my day. While others spend time debating their attire for the day, I shower, grab a…
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