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Passion in Everything We Do Equals Quality!

We always hear from our clients that we’ll be remembered for how our projects were completed. As a rule, before we de-mobilize from a project site, we ask our team, “Have we left our clients happy and with the quality service we promised as well as satisfying both schedule and budget?”   To ensure customer satisfaction, KBD recommends the impactful Quality Control model of PCDA. PLAN, CHECK, DO, ACT!


 Planning is critical in organizing the steps to achieve our project goals. A strong plan ensures we have a clear understanding of clients’ needs, concerns, and project vision.  Regarding design, safety, project management, accounting, human resources, and construction, every project begins with a well designed plan.


 Best practice is to check and then double check. It is the entire team’s responsibility to make sure the plan is being executed in the most efficient way. Our specialized Project Execution Plans are a great place for this. All facets of our team should have input for each plan, contributing insights drawn from their experiences and expertise. This focused approach gives each of our projects a voice.


Our field and project management teams start the process of DO, following the plan to build, executing contracts, and keeping tight schedules. Proper documentation is always needed to help support goals. This is another opportunity to CHECK progress. 


We all play a role in how to ACT professionally. Action ensures that we improve our processes with each new client. Acting with professionalism and the process of reflection allow a simple, completed project to evolve into a new relationship that leads to repeated and referral business. By documenting our actions, we assure that we continue to learn and grow from each interaction we have. If it was right the first time, let’s improve upon it; if it was wrong, let’s not repeat our mistake.  

We look forward to providing you quality service on your next project! To learn more about how we handle quality at KBD Group, contact our Quality Control Manager, Kelly Hoerner, at 404-812-8600.

Author: Kelly Hoerner

Author: Kelly Hoerner

Quality Control Manager
Kajima Building & Design Group Inc.

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