Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Commitment To The World

Since the beginning, KBD Group has succeeded in business by contributing to society. Our outstanding employees have always been the key to our progress. They work with a spirit of true craftsmanship to leave a legacy of achievement for the next generation to build upon.

Those who came before us earned the public’s trust by working with all their hearts to build a nation where their children could live in safety and security. Today, KBD Group continues to create new technologies, maintain superior quality and practice environmental responsibility. This tradition of excellence is the source of our dynamic corporate culture and the heartbeat of our powerful brand.

“A vision for all ages expresses our commitment to design and construct buildings and other structures that will make the world a better place for generations to come. In our commitment to sustainability, we always ask ourselves whether our work will stand the test of time — how future generations will evaluate what we have done. We understand that the future starts now if we want to build bridges to a better tomorrow.”

Jeff Stiner, President
Kajima Building & Design Group, Inc.


of Excellence...

2003, Build Georgia Award Nominee
Suzuki ATV Assembly Plant, Rome GA
The Associated General Contractors of America
2013, Private Sector Project Over $15M Design-Build Award
Mitsubishi Electric BTS, Suwanee, GA
Design Build Institute of America
1996, Award of Excellence
Mitsui & Co., Inc., Chicago IL
American Institute of Architects