David Ledford

Vice President / Distribution South Business
Unit Leader

Warehouse Distribution South


Vice President/
Business Unit Leader

With the rise of Warehouse/Distribution construction facilities in the South, we want to introduce our Business Unit Leader, David Ledford.  He is responsible for supporting our Warehouse/Distribution Construction efforts in the South. Mr. Ledford is no stranger to the industry and has been working with large developers and businesses to help successfully build and expand their facilities.  He is also an expert in managing multiple projects and as of today he is currently managing over 15 projects totaling over six million SF of construction on the South Side of the U.S Market.

About David Ledford

Mr. Ledford is bringing over 34 years of senior level construction and engineering experience to each distribution project in the South Side of the U.S. He has experience in the commercial and real estate construction sectors, and his areas of expertise include civil, industrial, office, and bulk distribution environments. 

How does David Manage Multiple Projects?


Mr. Ledford is responsible for managing all major aspects of these projects. He supervises a range of project activities from start to finish and is responsible for fostering relationships and alliances between clients and other partners. Mr. Ledford is also serving as the direct liaison between the corporate management, the project staff management, and the company owner, and is providing direct executive oversight for the duration of the project.

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