Green & Sustainable Construction

KBD Group is committed to incorporating sustainable designs into every construction project.  Our goal is to create a healthy environment that focuses on creating a low-carbon, resource recycling, and environmentally friendly society in harmony with nature.  We understand that building sustainable green projects lead to a positive change for our business and the clients we serve. Our goal is to integrate environmentally sound initiatives seamlessly into our business processes with our LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited professionals located throughout the United States.


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Using Recycled Materials

Water Use

Reducing Transportation

Designing to Protect the Environment

KBD Group understands that the first step in construction is design. This important step for green construction is where plans are made and discussed about the type of features, materials, and products that should be included in the project as well as the sustainable construction steps it will take to complete the build. Our architects and engineers work diligently to create blueprints and plans for each new building and the property it stands upon. This planning includes the interior and exterior layout of the building and all the systems, components, and process equipment that make up the structure. Everything from the electrical and water systems inside to the landscaping outside can have a hand in the green status of the building. Our professional designers work closely with the builders to provide instructions and guidance before and during the construction process.

Using and Recycling Sustainable Materials

At KBD Group, we understand that the greatest negative impact on the environment is the handling of building materials. Producing the steel, concrete, wood, and other materials used in construction can cause deforestation, pollution, carbon emissions, and other harmful effects. We aim to eliminate waste from construction operations by ensuring zero landfill disposal of waste during construction and utilizing sustainable high-quality materials to reduce the need for frequent repairs or replacements. We also encourage construction teams to recycle materials saved from renovation or demolished buildings. Leftover materials from construction sites are durable and can be reused or recast for new buildings. This helps reduce the heavy impact of obtaining more raw materials from the earth. We also work with our subcontractors to recycle concrete and other materials.

Carbon Neutral Sustainable Designs

Providing Carbon Neutral Construction Solutions

We have a long history of “Green Carbon Neutral” building practices that pre-dates the introduction of LEED standards in the USA. We evaluate products and methods from a sustainable standpoint to provide solutions that maximize performance while minimizing the environmental impact. Our team of Architects, Engineers, and Subcontractors collaborate to identify  strategies needed to support our client’s sustainability, structural cost, and schedule goals.  We believe in creating a better world through purposeful construction action in helping our clients reduce carbon footprint.

Attributes of a Carbon Neutral Building:

  • ● Maximizes energy efficiency
  • ● Eliminates fossil fuel combustion for building energy services (all-electric end uses)
  • ● Incorporates design with flexible loads and/or storage that can respond to grid conditions
  • ● Encompasses design with attention to embodied carbon and refrigerants
  • ● Produces or procures zero-emission electricity

Serious About Protecting the Environment

At KBD Group, we are serious about protecting the environment through careful consideration of cost saving planning and best management practices. We are currently working on mitigation construction strategies to improve air quality, water quality, recycling and waste strategies, and environmental protection solutions.  We take a proactive approach during pre-construction and make decisions regarding the location specifics and site layout. From there, we implement conventional processes and operational practices at the construction site that greatly reduce negative impacts to the environment and local community.

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