Brandon Neermann

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Brandon Neermann KBD Group

Brandon Neermann

At KBD Group, we understand that our employees are the backbone of our business. This month we want to recognize and shine the spotlight on Brandon Neermann, our preconstruction manager in Atlanta.  Brandon received his bachelor’s degree in Building Construction from Georgia Tech. After he graduated, he worked for one year with Danko before coming to KBD Group in 2011. Brandon’s range of responsibilities include working with clients to providing accurate pricing for all phases of the project,  along with coordinating value engineering, construction means and methods, and risk management. Brandon is married to Marianne Neermann and has four children. He has been with KBD Group for eight years and we are very happy to have him on board!

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Brandon Neermann

Get to know Brandon: Q&A

Why did you choose your profession?
Honestly, it chose me. When I graduated from Tech, I had a son that was just born and in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) fighting for his life. I didn’t feel like I could take a job that would potentially require me to travel during this time.  

What do you like most about KBD Group?
The people. Everyone is polite and genuinely seems to enjoy being around each other.

What is your proudest moment at KBD Group?
Coming up with a new solution using secant piles to use as the outside formwork for a 60’ deep cylindrical pit. This prevented the project team from having to open excavate the pit, saving the project three months.

What do you find the most challenging at KBD Group?
Keeping up with the ever-shortening bid delivery times with a very streamlined department while also trying to leave time for personal improvement.

How has KBD helped you in your career development?
KBD has empowered me to take new responsibility, create new methodologies, and generally expand my knowledge.

 What do you do when you’re not at work?  Tell us about any activities or hobbies you enjoy.
I enjoy spending time with my family, playing Legos with my boys, and putting together model airplanes (mainly WWII) era. Feel free to come by my office to check them out!  I also like to read.


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