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The key to success is to establish the basis of design in the early stage of the project.” – Jungo Ogihara


At KBD, we celebrate our employees each month as they are the the key to our continued success. Through the diligence and dedication of our team members, KBD is able to provide superior performance and excellent services to our clients. This month, we shine the spotlight on Jungo Ogihara.

Jungo has been in his current position at KBD for three and a half years, but additionally worked at the engineering division of Kajima Japan for 11 years prior. He is an Industrial Engineering Manager, responsible for process engineering of industrial facility projects. Jungo’s main focus is to provide clients with the success of the process installation: This includes gathering and developing all necessary information and requirements for process installation and operations with clients as well as ensuring the Building and Process Design is aligned.

Jungo enjoys building and assembling anything new with a team. Since he majored in chemical engineering in college, he enjoys working on projects which incorporate design and build process for the production of any type of chemicals, foods, pharmaceuticals, or other such element. At KBD, Jungo has enjoyed the opportunity to do just that.

KBD is proud to present an interview with Jungo Ogihara

Q:What do you like most about KBD?
A: My co-workers. It’s like a big family.
Q:What is your proudest moment at KBD?
A:  Whenever our client are happy and satisfied with our services.
Q:What has been your favorite project?
A:  DNP Phase2/Phase3. It was my first project with process engineering at KBD and was a very successful project.
Q:What do you find the most challenging at KBD?
A:  What I find the most challenging is design coordination between building and process in a timely manner. The key to success is to establish the Basis of Design in the early stage of the project.
Q:How has KBD helped you in your career development?
A:  Being assigned to different kinds of projects provides me with new experiences and knowledge.
Q:What do you do when you’re not at work? Tell us about any activities or hobbies you enjoy.
A:  Travel and eating something delicious.

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