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KBD GROUP Biannual Operations Meeting


KBD Group team members participated in our biannual Operations meeting on August 28, 2019. The Operations meeting serves as the building blocks toward achieving our clients’ success one project at a time. Our company leaders presented on a range of topics including new business opportunities, enhancements to our technology, and reviewing performance metrics for this year.

      The launch of our new KBD Group website developed and designed in-house. 

        An action plan for continuous improvement. 

        Our high-level goals for 2020.

Our Operations meeting ensures that every goal ties back to our company mission and vision. At KBD Group, we understand the necessity to employ both talent and determination to reach the outcomes we’re striving to achieve every day for our clients. Learn more about our initiatives to help your project prosper by contacting us today!

Photos From the Operations Meeting

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