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KBD Group is dedicated to developing world-class manufacturing facilities that will help support the success of its clients

As experts in construction and with 55 years of industry experience, KBD Group is an award-winning design and building company that falls under the umbrella of Kajima Corp, an international contractor that works in many countries around the world. Jeff Stiner, the business’s President and CEO, fills us in on the developments that have led to KBD Group’s sustained success over the last five decades. “I have been with the company for almost 37 years, and obviously I have seen it change quite a bit over that time. With our Kajima USA group, we have a total of six different general contractors as part of our team and each of our different general contractors have different industries that they specifically work in, so the KBD Group has a focus of manufacturing plants and distribution warehouses scattered around the US,” shares Jeff.

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Jeff Stiner | President & CEO


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