KBD Group Celebrates topping out ceremony

Topping out ceremony

On April 7, KBD Group celebrated with Mazda Toyota US at their Topping Out Ceremony in Huntsville, Alabama. Our team was proud to see the last structural beam put in place at the Automotive Manufacturing facility. Even with the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, KBD Group construction continues to deliver safe quality service to meet our clients’ deadlines.

What is a Topping out Ceremony?

In building constructiontopping out (also known as topping off) is a builders’ rite traditionally held when the last structural beam is placed atop during its construction. The topping out of the facility doesn’t mean the project is completed but it has since come to mean the structure of the building is finished, whether there is a ceremony or not. The putting the last structural steel beam or final roofing piece in place on a building is a project milestone and signifies that the structure has reached its maximum height.  In America, the final structural piece is often painted white and signed by members of the construction team. Read more

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