Navigating through Construction Materials Shortages

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the United States construction industry experienced major supply chain disruptions. With the increase in housing shortages in the United States, several companies were left with the difficult decision to halt work on their projects. Amid the return to normal life, businesses are still struggling through material shortages which is causing a surge in prices. Industrial manufacturing and warehouse construction markets have been on the road to recovery as they try to find solutions to overcome these breakdowns in the supply chain. At KBD Group, we are fully aware of these challenges and have been successfully navigating these demands through our innovative approach.  As of the time of this article, we have over 35 projects currently under construction.


Meeting material shortage demands

In the US, the monthly and annual  selling price for materials utilized in the construction industry is said to be the highest in 35 years  of the government index. In May 2021, the rapid increase in cost suddenly extended the delivery time needed by suppliers and therefore enabled a drop in vendor performance. With the situation of US inflation, we are closely monitoring the problem and addressing the material shortages skillfully. Despite the issue of material shortages, we can provide a high standard of design-build construction services due to our strong connections and long-term partnerships. Our strong partnerships with suppliers and vendors enable us to gather the resources required and deliver the projects within the desired schedule.  We have been building strong relationships since 1964 and have created a trusted network of construction partners and subcontractors.  These partners help us deliver the best quality of services to our clients.

Supply Chain Disruptions By Sector

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Addressing labor shortage

Lack of a skilled workforce is another major issue faced by many construction firms in the United States which also drives material shortages in the industry. Construction companies are experiencing labor shortages while the cost of the materials is regularly increasing. Despite the issue, we maintain our growth and success through the line of dedicated staff and management team working towards delivering high-quality projects for our clients. Our creative practices in recruitment and retention of staff with supportive training methods help us in providing innovative projects in design, engineering, and construction.


Our broad decision-making processes

Meeting project delivery time is significant in our organization. Despite nationwide issues of material and labor shortages, we have a robust decision-making process and efficient coordination with stakeholders to meet clients’ needs in time. Our project team is well-managed and well-equipped to meet the challenges of addressing the shortages without interrupting the time and cost of the project. Our quick and efficient decision-making practice comes from our effective planning and coordination to help minimize any issues within the scope of the project.

Providing quality services with unmatched solutions

With over 55 years in the industry across the United States, we offer a variety of flexible solutions for our clients in terms of design-build, general contracting, construction management and design services. During challenging times of scarcity in building materials and labor, we use innovative techniques to obtain the necessary resources to successfully complete the project on time. We have the best rapport with vendors and suppliers who have our back and the clients. With strong communication with our clients and subcontractors, our team of construction professionals strive to stay on time and budget with a goal to exceed expectations. We offer diverse project experience and a ‘single source’ approach to fully inclusive planning, design, and construction to provide overall solutions.

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