At KBD Group, we know what it takes to design, build, upgrade and re-configure manufacturing facilities. We understand how to seamlessly integrate process and building requirements to allow for the ultimate objective – successful operations. We can be the single source of accountability for the entire project. We believe our job is not only to assist the Owner in the execution of a project, but also to understand “why?” to make suggestions and decisions most effectively. KBD Group engages world class subject matter experts as needed for specific project requirements.


Our team of architects, engineers and design partners analyze and determine the appropriate equipment, space and design criteria to construct and fit-up the facility. We can make changes throughout the design/construction process to accommodate the industry’s rapidly changing requirements. With an understanding of complicated regulatory and compliance issues, we know how to gain timely consensus in order to move projects along quickly.

Process Design and Construction services

In an industry that demands fast turn-around, KBD Group delivers. KBD Group will do whatever is necessary to get a job done on schedule and within budget. With teams each region of the U.S., we can respond quickly to project requirements, which is an added value for companies with multiple projects thoughout the country. KBD Group maintains long-standing relationships with experienced specialty subcontractors. For international clients with U.S. facilities planned, KBD Group can design and build these facilities translating project requirements and ensuring conformity to U.S. requirements. 

Process Design method

Design, engineering and planning services 

Through vision and a commitment to quality, KBD Group’s process design team offers conceptual, planning, and design services throughout the United States. KBD Group consistently delivers functional, cost effective and flexible solutions for our clients and industry partners. KBD Group’s process design team provides Owners with a space strategy that supports present and future plans. KBD Group takes into account the Owner’s culture and personnel needs. An effective Master Plan assists the Owner in making intelligent incremental decisions toward the final objective and vision. Additionally, Master Planning will allow the Owner to “Phase” projects and allow for multi-period budgets. KBD Group offers a full range of services that assist each Owner with facility tracking and evaluation.

kbd group helps maximize product quality and worker productivity 

KBD Group’s skilled, experienced process installation staff ensures that your systems and equipment are installed and fully operational in compliance with your operational needs. Our ultimate goal in the design of the plant is to help the Client maximize product quality and worker productivity. With the Client’s guidance and specific requirements, our project team is able to provide solutions to the Client’s need to improve their product quality and working environment. Contact us to learn how we can help build your next project


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