Tasks is a tool for keeping track of miscellaneous items as the project progresses.  These can range from design coordination items to closeout.  Whatever the reason, this tool can help the project team to never lose sight of those items.

*Keep in mind that once a task is created it cannot be deleted.

In the section labeled New Task begin adding information into the fields.  Procore will automatically number each task, however, if a custom numbering convention is desired the system will accommodate.

System-generated. Modify only if needed.
Provide a short title of the task IN ALL CAPS.
Select an appropriate status from the dropdown.
Select the person who is responsible to complete this task. This can be a subcontractor, designer, KBDG employee, or self.
Due Date
Select an appropriate date when the this is to be complete. Procore will send overdue notices via email to the assignee.
Select an appropriate category from the dropdown.
Provide a detailed description of the task and what is required to consider it complete.
Upload attachments, as necessary, that will help the assignee complete the task. Files can be added via the blue hyperlink or drag and drop files into the aptly labeled gray area.
Checked by default. This prevents assignees from seeing each others tasks. KBD Group employees will see all tasks regardless of the assignee.

When finished click Add.

Once all task assignments have been added it is time to distribute to the assignees. 

Locate the banner across the top of the screen outlined in orange.  In it are two buttons, one labeled Send Mine and the other Send All.

Clicking Send Mine will only distribute those tasks created by the user while clicking Send All will distribute all tasks regardless of who created them.

Toward the bottom of the page will be a grid containing all tasks created on the project.

The project team can update either the due date or the status of a task item simply by clicking the appropriate field and entering the new Information.

Edits to the title, category, assignee, etc. can only be done by clicking the Edit button located to the left of the Task name

From the list of tasks, click View to see all information related to a specifc task such as comments and status updates.  Directly below the task information is the Activity log where users can post comments, attach files and see the latest status updates. 

Click Add a Comment to add notes and attach backup related to the status of the task.  Attachments can be uploaded by clicking the orange hyperlink labeled Attach File(s).

When ready, click Post Comment. The activity log will update showing the time, date, user, comment and attachment.

Non KBD Group employees can request to close a task, however, only KBD Group employees can close a task.

As tasks accumulate it will become difficult to see all tasks easily.  Easily search and/or filter the tasks using the tool bar located immediately above the list of tasks.

Enter a phrase or keyword to search or select a filter from the Add Filters dropdown to help locate the desired task.