Project Earl Celebrates topping off ceremony

ceremony marks milestone

On May 8, 2023, KBD Group and JX Nippon Mining and Metals USA, Inc. came together to celebrate a significant milestone known as the Topping Off Ceremony held at the job site in Mesa, Arizona. This event was met with applause as the final structural beam was set in place. This milestone served as a testament to the dedication, skill, and collaboration of the project team.

One of the highlights of the event was the last beam was adorned with the signatures of our esteemed team leaders and many who was involved with the project. They took the opportunity to sign their names and write heartfelt messages on the beam which solidified their contribution to the project’s success. This act not only added a personal touch to the event but also created a powerful bond among the team members, as their signatures became a permanent reminder of their collective efforts and shared dedication to the project.  

What is a Topping off Ceremony?

Within the construction industry, topping off (also known as topping out) is when the last beam is placed atop the structure, still within the stages of being fabricated. This is a huge project milestone, signifying that the structure has reached its maximum height. A celebration isn’t required but is often held in order to mark the event and enjoy the progress made. Various countries hold ceremonies infused with their own traditions, such as New Zealand, which treats their employees to cake and beer. In the United States, the final structural piece is often painted white and signed by members of the construction team. Read more

Team Collaboration

The successful collaboration between KBD Group and JX Nippon Mining and Metals USA, Inc. was evident throughout the entire construction process, and the Topping Off Ceremony served as a reminder of their shared commitment to excellence. 

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