Toyota’s $13.9 Billion EV Battery
Plant Takes Shape

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Toyota’s $13.9 Billion EV Battery Plant Takes Shape

In a stride towards automotive electrification, Toyota’s Battery Manufacturing North Carolina (TBMNC) project is not just shaping the future of electric vehicles (EVs) but also driving economic growth in the region. KBD Group, the Design-Builder, is leading the construction that consists of three buildings serving the purpose of creating EV Batteries to drive Toyota’s goals to support the automotive industry.

TBMNC Investment and Job Creation:

Toyota will invest $13.9 billion in building its EV Manufacturing facility and will create 5,000 jobs in the North Carolina region. This shows Toyota’s commitment in the EV industry while powering economic development initiatives in the state.

TBMNC Facilities

There are three facilities spanning to 911,039 square feet (SF), which is a testament to TBMNC ‘s EV technological advancement. KBD Group’s expertise shines through in the design and construction of Building 801  and Building 802. These buildings were created to accommodate production lines, mechanical & Electrical rooms, tank farms, warehouse space, cafeterias, offices, and more.  KBD Group also constructed Building 600, which is a data center that further enhances the facility’s capabilities.  The construction is planned to be completed this year (2024).

TBMNC Timeline and Progress:

The fist TBMNC project is expected to be completed by the end of 2024, with the first batteries rolling off the production line in 2025. However, the final construction of all facilities is anticipated to be completed by 2027. The construction is making significant progress, despite the global supply chain disruptions. KBD Group has been able to overcome these challenges by adopting strategies, such as securing materials and equipment in advance, adjusting the work plan and schedule, and coordinating with the suppliers and subcontractors.

The project site is full of activity having more than 1,000 workers on-site daily. The team consists of KBD Group, Toyota, and other partners, such as design consultants, engineers, and trade contractors.  The team is united and working together with a common vision and shared objectives. The goal is to make sure everyone works safely while maintaining the highest standards of quality and integrity.


Designed with Perfection:

As an integrated design builder, KBD Group is currently utilizing BIM technology to facilitate a coordinated design process for the Toyota project. Through, the team proactively identifies and resolves potential design issues, ensuring a seamless transition into construction. The design signoff documentation marks a critical milestone, reflecting the collective agreement on the project’s design aspects. The KBD Group’s ongoing visits to the jobsite are integral to the design’s evolution, allowing for immediate integration of real-world insights into the project’s design framework.

Top-notch Safety

Safety is at the heart of the TBMNC project site, reflecting one of KBD Group’s core values. With a steadfast commitment to safety, thorough protocols are in place to prioritize the well-being of all personnel on the Job site.

Safety Meeting Schedule: Regular safety meetings are vital to maintaining a secure work environment. These meetings include Daily Job Safety Analysis (JSA) sessions held at 6:30 am to assess and mitigate potential risks, weekly toolbox talks to discuss safety procedures and concerns, and the Safety Manager’s weekly site walks to oversee compliance and address any safety issues promptly.

Safety Protocol Overview: The safety protocols implemented on this project site are comprehensive and thorough. KBD Group has allocated 21 dedicated safety personnel to oversee safety measures. In total, there are 47 safety personnel actively monitoring the project site. Multiple sources of safety audits and reviews are utilized and carefully tracked for weekly reporting. In the event of any safety incidents or near-misses, investigations are initiated within 24 hours, with final reports submitted within 72 hours.  There are also site-wide safety stand-down meetings conducted promptly in response to serious safety violations or injuries, ensuring that swift corrective actions are taken. These actions show that the project’s main goal is to ensure the protection and health of everyone who participates.

Construction Workforce: The project has seen a significant workforce, with peak staffing levels reaching 1,400 individuals between July 2023 and January 2024. Currently, as of the time the article is written, there are 850 dedicated workers actively contributing to the project’s advancement.

TBMNC’s Path to Completion

The nearing completion of the TBMNC facility marks a significant milestone in the journey towards innovation and economic growth in NC. At KBD Group, we take pride in our partnership with Toyota in bringing their vision to life through expert design-build construction services. With a commitment to safety, we honored to help set the stage for the era in North Carolina’s EV landscape. Learn more about the TBMNC Project and KBD Group’s role in shaping it.

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