Why Construction Safety Matters to KBD Group

KBD Group places safety as a top priority, especially in construction sites where hazards are present. We understand the importance of ensuring the well-being of our workers, contractors, and partners, and we take a proactive approach to safety. We conduct regular audits of our sites to ensure compliance with relevant safety regulations and standards. We implement various preventative measures to prevent accidents and injuries, such as worker awareness campaigns, technology-based monitoring systems, and comprehensive reporting mechanisms. Furthermore, we invest in the latest safety equipment and provide proper training for everyone on site.

KBD Group's Safety Strategies

KBD Group’s President, Jeff Stiner, along with the entire executive leadership team, is deeply committed to promoting a culture of safety throughout the company. We recognize that safety is a shared responsibility, and to that end, all employees are required to complete a minimum of 10 hours of OSHA training and 30 hours for supervisors, regardless of their work location.

We conduct a thorough risk assessment of every construction site and develop a comprehensive safety plan, including a Job Safety Analysis (JSA), to mitigate potential hazards. This daily JSA helps us and our trade partners identify potential hazards before work begins, and supervisors are trained to recognize and address these hazards during implementation. Our safety training program includes an orientation for all personnel prior to work commencement as well as monthly safety meetings. We also make sure employees remain safe on the job by enforcing safety requirements at all times, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and conducting regular site inspections.

In addition, we hold regular site safety stand-down meetings to discuss safety concerns and ensure that everyone on the job site is aware of potential hazards. These meetings are a chance for workers to ask questions, raise concerns, and provide feedback on how we can improve our safety protocols.

Our Dedication to Continuous Improvement

At KBD Group, we are committed to continuous improvement in our safety practices. We conduct regular safety audits to identify areas where we can improve and incorporate feedback from workers and contractors to make our safety protocols even better. Safety is an essential part of our company culture, and we work hard to ensure that every worker on our construction sites is safe and secure. By prioritizing safety, we can create a productive working environment for everyone involved on our construction projects.

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