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We Know How To Build Warehouses

KBD Group understands that constructing distribution centers is highly complex and can involve advanced technology such as robotic systems (KIVA), AS/RS conveyor systems, multilevel storage, and climate-controlled systems to assure products are properly stored and distributed. We also understand that construction cost, market conditions, and land cost play major roles in building new facilities. However, we are experienced in maximizing land use with building size and site development and employ professional, confident, and passionate workers to do so. This means we can take the efficiency and performance of your business to the highest level, given our high standard of design and construction-related services.

Providing Award-Winning Construction Services

As a TOP construction company in the U.S, we have earned the trust and respect from our clients. Our team of construction professionals work tirelessly to exceed expectation by partnering with hi-level subcontractors, finding cost-saving solutions,  and meeting construction deadlines. 

Meeting Supply and Demand Through the Pandemic

Meeting project delivery time is significant in our organization. Despite nationwide issues of material and labor shortages, we have a robust decision-making process and efficient coordination with stakeholders to meet clients’ needs in time. Our project team is well-managed and well-equipped to meet the challenges of addressing the shortages without interrupting the time and cost of the project. Our quick and efficient decision-making practice comes from our effective planning and coordination to help minimize any issues within the scope of the project.

Our Warehouse Construction experience includes a broad spectrum of industries:

Automated Systems

Buid to Suit

Third Party Logistics

Speculative Warehouse


Food Storage

Plastic and Fabricated
Rubber Products

Driving Customer Satisfaction

With a 70%  repeated business ratio, our pristine level of Quality, Safety, and Communication has earned our clients’ trust with our work.  Once you experience our unparalleled customer service, we’re confident that you will call us back.

Why KBD Group?

We put the success of our Clients First in everything we do. As a recognized leader in the construction industry, we are ready to help you expand, relocate, or build your new facility. No matter the construction need, we offer high-level construction services that ensure the success of each project. Our team of construction professionals is dedicated to designing and building high-quality facilities to create long-term business and professional relationships. When there is a high demand which includes a tight deadline, our clients have consistently trusted our team to meet the demand. We build their facilities with quality while providing them an unbeatable price and highly experience subcontractors.

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Are you looking to start a project or need some questions answered?  Please complete the form and we will respond within 24 hours. We’re ready and eager to help walk you through the process. 

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