Warehouse Distribution Construction Keeps Growing

Warehouse/Distribution Construction Keeps Growing…KBD Group Is Meeting the Demand

Warehouse Construction Grows as KBD Group continually meets the demand.

In the middle of a Pandemic, Warehouse Distribution facilities are in high demand in the United States and KBD Group continues to show its strength in this construction market. In December alone, we signed 5 contracts, totaling more than 1.85 million SF. In March, we signed 4 new contracts, totaling 1.47 Million Square Feet. As of now (during the time of this article), we currently have 20 active Warehouse Distribution projects under construction, totaling 8.30 million SF of new facilities expected to be completed this year.  These new projects are led by David Ledford, Vice President and Business Unit Leader for Warehouse Distribution South, and John Evans, Vice President and Business Unit leader for Warehouse Distribution North.

Contracts Signed and Under Construction

December 2020 | 5 Contracts
0 M SF
March 2021 | 4 Contracts
0 M SF
Current | 20 Contracts
0 M SF

We Know How to Build Warehouses

KBD Group understands that constructing distribution centers is highly complex and can involve advanced technology such as robotic systems (KIVA), AS/RS conveyor systems, multilevel storage, and climate-controlled systems to assure products are properly stored and distributed. We also understand that construction cost, market conditions, and land cost play major roles in building new facilities. However, we are experienced in maximizing land use with building size and site development and employ professional, confident, and passionate workers to do so. This means we can take the efficiency and performance of your business to the highest level, given our high standard of design and construction-related services.

Warehouse Technology Supported

Why Clients Trust KBD

With over 70 percent of repeated business, our clients have learned to trust us for their construction needs. We also have a strong market presence of building distribution facilities in the south. Our knowledgeable Pre-Construction Department understands the market and consistently offers a competitive price that is attractive to our clients. Furthermore, our strategic business partners and relationships with subcontractors give us an edge over our competitors. KBD Group prides itself in helping our clients meet their business goals and interests, by offering superior construction services which have helped countless clients with their business goals and interests. We strongly believe that your success is our success. Contact us to learn how we can help build your success.

Clients We Support

When there is a high demand which includes a tight deadline, our clients have consistently trusted our team to meet the demand. We build their facilities with quality while providing them an unbeatable price and highly experience subcontractors.

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