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Our clients are well pleased with our Manufacturing Construction performances. With over 70% of repeated business, once you try us you will never go back.

Business Development Managers


Business Development Managers

At KBD Group, we have a team of senior level business and construction professionals to help answer any questions you may have. Our professional team or willing and ready to help you get started on your next project. 

Wylly Harrison

Domestic Business Manager

Mr. Harrison is our experienced domestic business development manager known for helping many clients navigate through their needs by answering questions and providing helpful information for their project. With over 8 years of experience in Economic Development, he understands what it takes to help clients find the right location while assisting with their construction needs.  Mr. Harrison is extremely professional and will only seek to support your project needs. We encourage you to contact him and you will not only see that he is very professional but also more than willing to help you and your project succeed.

Hajime Yokoyama

International Business Manager

Mr. Yokoyama is our highly experienced international business development manager who has over 20 years of experience supporting many projects around the world.  Throughout his career, Mr Yokoyama assisted many clients with their construction needs from countries in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Europe, and the US. He will play a lead role in the identifying and developing the best strategic approach for your construction project. Mr. Yokoyama is willing and ready to utlizine his professional experience and resources to help you with your location and construction needs. 

Chris Simmons

North & South Carolina Business Manager

Mr. Simmons is our professional Carolina focused business development Manager. His drive is to help companies improve their businesses by providing construction assistance to client’s intersted in building, expanding, or relocating their facility. Mr. Simmons is well connected in the Carolina’s and will utilize all necessary resources to assist your construction needs.  

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KBD Group Operations Meeting 2019

KBD GROUP Biannual Operations Meeting


KBD Group team members participated in our biannual Operations meeting on August 28, 2019. The Operations meeting serves as the building blocks toward achieving our clients’ success one project at a time. Our company leaders presented on a range of topics including new business opportunities, enhancements to our technology, and reviewing performance metrics for this year.

      The launch of our new KBD Group website developed and designed in-house. 

        An action plan for continuous improvement. 

        Our high-level goals for 2020.

Our Operations meeting ensures that every goal ties back to our company mission and vision. At KBD Group, we understand the necessity to employ both talent and determination to reach the outcomes we’re striving to achieve every day for our clients. Learn more about our initiatives to help your project prosper by contacting us today!

Photos From the Operations Meeting

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KBD Group Launch New Website

Major Announcement

Introducing the New KBD GROUP Website

We’re excited to finally reveal our new and improved website. We redesigned our website to bring you a better experience through our new sharp interface and faster performance.  With this update, our hope is to make it easier for users to navigate and find the information they’re looking for.  Simplicity and efficiency is our target goal. Please explore our new website and check back frequently for updates.

New Website Features:

In-House Creativity

The new website was designed and developed in-house by KBD Group Marketing Team

Thalia Trejo (Marketing Coordinator), Kevin Johnson (Marketing Supervisor), Emeshia Dent (Design Support Specialist), Nao Onishi (New Jersey Marketing Coordinator)

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Bona Allen was Moderator for the “Talking Digital Finance” Panel Discussion

In the news

Bona Allen selected to moderate the

"Talking Digital Finance" panel discussion

KBD Group Bona Allen, Senior Vice President and CFO, was selected as moderator for the “Talking Digital Finance,” panel discussion.

The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) and Business Process Management Group presented “Talking Digital Finance”, a panel discussion with CFO’s from Comcast, Equifax and First Data on September 10, 2019 at the First Data Corporation HQ in Atlanta.

Bona Allen (Moderator), Christine Santos (Comcast), Nigel Andre (First Data), Judy Romano (Equifax International) and Raj Verma (Host/Organizer) prepare for the “Talking Digital Finance” Panel Discussion.

Building Tire Manufacturing Plants

Main Article

Building Tire Manufacturing Plants

Building Tire Manufacturing Facilities

Many of us know that tires play a major role in driving the US economy.   According to the Statistic Portal, in 2018, there were about 227.5 million licensed drivers in the United States, and tire sales are showing no signs of slowing down with a 5.9% increase since 2016.

KBD Group is proud to play a great role in helping the economy by providing design/build services for major tire companies around the United States. Over the past 10 years, KBD has built more than 15 million square feet of automotive-related manufacturing facilities, totaling $589+ million in investment. Of these projects, KBD has designed or constructed 17 tire manufacturing facilities totaling over 9 million square feet.

Senior Vice President
KBD’s Jim Goodwin, Vice President, and Regional Operations Manager are considered an expert in the planning, design, and construction of tire manufacturing plants and is sought after by leaders in the industry.   Goodwin has been heavily involved with the execution and construction of many tire projects since 2008.   This experience allows him to fully understand the evolution of the tire manufacturing market. According to Goodwin, “We are seeing an increase in tire manufacturers wanting to expand or build a new tire plant.”   He continues, “With the rise of technology, clients are adding more automation and upgrades to modify their processing equipment.   This is causing a change in the way we construct the building structure and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing infrastructure.   Because of this understanding, we have become more efficient in the execution of building tire plants.”

Goodwin explains the effect of this increase on KBD:

“Having been a part of multiple tire plant projects over the years, we have learned how to improve the process and become more efficient.   We then apply this knowledge to our next planning process, and this greatly helps improve the way we complete the projects, and get plants operational in an expedited and smooth process.”

Additionally, Goodwin shares his insight regarding the company’s success with Expansion Projects:
“With expansion work, we learned to plan and seek-out critical details early in the design process.   Seeking out these details allows us to identify issues which may cause a delay in the rest of the project if not dealt with early in the process.   Inexperienced teams may see this as work to be coordinated in the field, but this mindset leads to complication and delays in the process.”

As tire manufacturers continue to expand in an effort to meet the demands of their customers and continued innovations in technology, KBD stands ready to help by providing the highest quality service to clients so they may maximize their business goals.   Having provided design/build services for major tire manufacturers across the United States, KBD is proud to consider themselves tire manufacturing experts.

Please contact us to learn how we can help build your next project.

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5 Manufacturing Construction Tips

KBD Group has been successfully designing and building projects for clients since 1964 and has earned a reputation of quality and respect throughout the construction industry. Over the last decade, KBD Group has successfully designed and built over 140 manufacturing facilities in the United States, helping to bring jobs and capital investments to communities.


KBD Group provided Design-Build services for approximately 40 projects from 1988-2005 for Fujifilm.