Kobayashi groundbreaking ceremony

Groundbreaking for a Brighter Future: Kobayashi Healthcare International Expansion in Dalton, GA

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On September 12, 2023, Kobayashi Healthcare International broke ground on its 412,748-square-foot expansion facility in Dalton, Georgia. This expansion is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and growth. 

The Kobayashi Groundbreaking event was celebrated with opening remarks from Norikazu Toyoda, General Manager of the International Division, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. Also, followed with remarks from Daniel H. Yim, President & CEO, of Kobayashi Consumer Products. The other presenters included Dalton’s City Mayor David Pennington, Jevin Jenson Whitfield County Board of Commissioner Chairman, and Jeff H. Stiner, President/CEO of Kajima Building & Design Group, Inc. (KBD Group), underlining their crucial role in this design-build facility. Closing remarks came from Kenji Yamashita expressing gratitude for the unwavering support and reaffirming the company’s dedication to excellence and innovation.

Kobayashi Healthcare International, Global Excellence, Local Impact

Kobayashi Healthcare International, a subsidiary of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co. of Osaka, Japan. The company is renowned for developing and manufacturing high-demand products such as Hot Hands, Grabber, and BeKOOOL. This expansion and advanced automation reinforce their dedication to North American customers.

Brief History

Founded in 1886 by Chubei Kobayashi founded Kobayashi Seidaido, the firm sold general products and cosmetics in Monzen-cho, Naka-ku, and Nagoya. In 1919, Kobayashi Seidaido and the limited partnership company Kobayashi Daiyakubou merged to form Kobayashi Daiyakubou in Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka. These two landmarks laid the groundwork for more than a century of successful commerce in Japan.

Kobayashi established Kobayashi Healthcare Inc. in 1998 to conduct business in the United States. It expanded its business in the United States by purchasing HeatMax Inc. in Dalton in 2006. In 2012, it developed a production facility at the current location to accommodate the demand for warmers and other items.

A Collaborative Future

Since 1993, Kajima has been a steadfast partner in Kobayashi’s journey, fostering a strong 30-year relationship. Beginning with the construction of the Kobayashi Pharmaceutical facility in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, which was our first collaborative project. Today, the expansion of Kobayashi Healthcare International in Dalton, Georgia, will be Kajima’s first-ever Kobayashi project outside of Japan. This milestone underscores the global scope of our partnership and our shared commitment to achieving extraordinary milestones together.

KBD Group proudly continues this legacy of collaboration and innovation. Whether it’s an expansion like Kobayashi Healthcare International or your next project, we stand ready to contribute our expertise and unwavering commitment to your success. Contact us today to discover how we can support your next project and help build a brighter future together.

Gallery of the event

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