The project level directory contains all Subcontractors and Vendors that have been given access to that project. 

This tool not only provides the project contact list but also gives the project team the ability to create Distribution Groups for more efficient distribution of project information.

Companies and contacts are listed alphabetically, by default.

Companies can be filtered to only show specific trades, if desired.

Click the Add Filter dropdown then select Trades.

In the adjacent window scroll to, or type the name of, the desired trade then check the box.  Multiple trades may be selected.

The directory will be filtered to only those companies that match the selected trade(s).  Keep in mind that not all companies have trades assigned to them and the resulting list may be blank.  Submit all updated information to the Procore administrator.

Bulk Add From Co. Directory

Adding users to a project can only be done if they exist in the company-wide directory, meaning they have previously been assigned access permissions.  To verify and/or add a user to the project click Bulk Add from Co. Directory located in the menu to the right.

Search for the user by name or company, repeat as needed.

Once a user is selected their name will appear in the grid.

Permission Template
The permissions are set by the Procore administrator and cannot be changed
Project Role
KBDG employees only. Do not assign Subcontractors and Vendors a Project Role
Check this box to send a notification to the user to let them know that they have been added to the project
Click the red X to remove the user from the grid. Often times people have the same, or similar names, and might be added by mistake.

When finished, click Add to Project.

New users can only be added by the Procore administrator.  This ensures a consistent and professional appearance across the company-wide directory. 

All requests to add new users must include complete information. Many companies have similar names and the Procore administrator is not a mind reader.

At a minimum, the following is required:

First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Title & Role (e.g. Subcontractor, Designer, Client, etc.)

Company Name (including Inc, LLC, LP, etc.)

Company Mailing Address (City, State, Zip)

Distribution Groups are a way to efficiently disseminate information to a large number of users at one time, such as RFI responses & drawing revisions to name a few.  Many users are already included in groups by default.

Add Distribution Group
To create a new group click Add Distribution Group in the side menu.
Provide a name for the group. ALL CAPS is recommended for ease of reading
Provide a brief description of the group for the benefit of other users
Add a Person to (GROUP NAME)
Search for the user by name or company, repeat as needed.
As users get added their names will appear in the grid.  When finished click Update.

To generate a printed list of the project directory follow these simple steps.

Click the export dropdown located toward the top right corner of the screen. Select PDF or CSV as desired.

The document will download directly to the computer for viewing or printing.

As the project progresses and users come and go it may be necessary to remove users from the project. To do this, check the box adjacent to the user’s name then select Remove from Project from the Bulk Actions dropdown, located directly above the list of users.

Note: multiple users and/or companies be selected and removed using this feature.