Prior to any invoices being entered the project team must ensure the following settings are in place: Invoice Distribution (KBDG).  Locate Default Distributions located within the Commitment Settings. Select at least one KBDG team member in the Invoice Distribution (formerly known as Requisition Distribution) list to ensure notifications are effectively distributed and received.

Billing Periods must be established by KBDG. Click Create Billing Period then select between Manual and Automatic (preferred).  Procore will create the Billing Periods automatically; this step only needs to be done once.


  • Owner
  • Subcontractor
  • Billing Periods
Create Billing Period

Each Vendor must have at least one point of contact that is responsible for invoicing through Procore.  This person must exist in KBDG’s Directory and be assigned to the project to create and/or receive notifications related to invoices.  It is the Vendor’s responsibility to provide this information to KBDG as soon as possible.

Prior to submitting an invoice the Schedule of Values must be approved.  There are two options from which to choose: 1) accept the SOV as generated by KBDG or 2) create a custom SOV and submit for KBDG approval.  In either case, notify the project team of the chosen option to allow time for review and further action.

Option 1: KBDG Generated
This SOV is visible by left-clicking Schedule of Values (#) sub-tab within the commitment. In this screen the commitment value is broken down line-by-line and may contain one or many line items.

If the SOV is agreeable as-is, notify the project team as administrative steps must be taken by KBDG.

Option 2: Subcontractor SOV
Subcontractor SOV is visible by left-clicking Subcontractor SOV(#) sub-tab within the commitment. In this screen the commitment value is broken down line-by-line, however, can be customized to provide further detail or to align with the Vendor’s internal accounting practices.

Begin by left-clicking Edit, located at the top right corner of the grid.

In edit mode, each of the line items generated by KBDG are displayed in gray and cannot be modified. To customize the SOV and provide a detailed breakdown, click + Add Line located directly below the KBDG line item.

* Enter the custom description beginning with the KBDG description followed by a hyphen then additional details (e.g. FOUNDATIONS – LABOR, FOUNDATIONS – MATERIAL, etc.). Doing so provides for an easier experience during the invoice creation.
As each new line is created, the amount remaining to allocate is seen in the bottom right corner of that section. Continue adding lines to each KBDG Item until at least one custom description exists for each.

When complete, left-click Submit for Review located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

* In order to complete the Subcontract SOV and submit for KBDG approval, the total Remaining To Allocate must equal $0.00.

Once submitted, Procore will notify KBDG via email. KBDG will review and update the status accordingly – Approved or Revise & Resubmit (changes cannot be made unless KBDG sets the status as Revise & Resubmit).

Each month the KBDG Project Team will attempt to send invitations to invoice the project via email, however, an invitation is not required in order to create an invoice.  See the example invitation below.

Under the “Do you want to bill this period?” area, choose one of the following – Yes If you intend to submit an invoice or No If you are not ready to submit an invoice. After selecting yes or no then then click Post Response.

Clicking Yes will open a browser window and, if already logged into Procore, open the Create New Invoice page.

Note: If after posting a response, it is still possible to come back at a later time and enter a different response, provided the ‘Due Date’ has not yet passed and the ‘Billing Period’ is still ‘Open’. To do this, open the emailed invitation then choose Yes under the “Do you want to bill this period?” area, and then click the Post Response button. Another option is to log into Procore, view the Commitment then click Create Invoice in the top right corner.

Create Invoice
To create an invoice, log into Procore and navigate to the Commitment by following the steps below. Log into Procore then left-click the Project Tools dropdown, selecting Commitments from the Construction Financials group. Once the Commitments page loads left-click View, located in the left most cell of the grid, as seen below.
In the menu located on the right side of the screen, locate then left-click + Create Invoice.
Create Invoice
If the button is gray, place the mouse over the button and read the helpful text that appears.
The message indicates that the Subcontractor SOV is not approved. The Vendor must contact the project team to resolve open items before proceeding.
  If an invoice number is generated by your system of record, enter that value as the invoice number, otherwise enter the invoice number as follows: REQ.# – Job Number. # – If this is the first invoice being submitted, enter 1, if the second invoice enter 2, etc. Job Number is the job number as seen on the commitment and all project correspondence (e.g. 20-19999). In the Complete Schedule of Values section, enter either your percent complete or amount complete for each line item in the original schedule of values. See “For Commitments Formatted as Unit Quantity” and “For Commitments Formatted as Amount Based” in the See Also section below. Enter the materials presently stored amount. This will be added to the percent complete for each line item. See “For Commitments Formatted as Unit Quantity” and “For Commitments Formatted as Amount Based” in the See Also section below. In the Approved Commitment Change Orders section, repeat the process for each change order’s line items by entering the percent or amount complete for each line item. Any new approved change orders will automatically be added here. Attach required backup documentation, such as lien waivers, sub-tier lien waivers, proof of insurance, project-specific documents required by the contract, etc. Click Save As Draft or Submit For Review as applicable.
Upon selecting + Create Invoice a new screen will appear labeled Create New Invoice.  In this page all values are entered against the Schedule of Values, either KBDG generated or customized Subcontractor SOV. The Invoice Start, Invoice End and Billing Date fields will auto-populate and should not be edited.  The invoice # shall be entered according to KBDG convention, as follows.
Progress Payments REQ followed by the two-digit invoice, or request, number (i.e. REQ01, REQ02).
Retainage Requests RET followed by the two-digit invoice, or request, number (i.e. RET10, RET11).

In the same screen, scroll down to view the approved Schedule of Values.  This spreadsheet format provides an intuitive and familiar format for entering amounts for the current period.

Line items may be billed either in percentages or dollar amounts.  Entering a value in one field will automatically update the other.

* Note: The descriptions above reflect the entries made in the Subcontractor SOV section, thus the importance of using the KBDG description followed by the custom description.

When entering either percentages or dollars the amount cannot exceed 100% of the scheduled value.  The field(s) will be circled in red and upon submitting for review a warning message will be displayed, as seen in the following images. 

When complete and all values are accurately entered left-click Submit for Review and KBDG will be notified via email that the invoice is ready for reviewAlternatively, left-click Save as Draft if more time is needed or it is necessary to step away from the invoice.  Both buttons are located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Only those change orders that are approved will appear in the invoice tool and be available to bill.  If a change order does not appear in the invoice, contact the project team to resolve any open items.

In the following image an approved Commitment Change Order does not exist for the Vendor to bill against.

In the following image an approved Commitment Change Order does exist for the Vendor to bill against.

Follow the steps outlined in the previous section to bill the change order accordingly.

Follow the steps outlined above to create an invoice.  The invoice number will be entered as RET## as opposed to REQ##.

Each of the SOV Items will, most likely, be billed 100% and there will be nothing more to enter.

Scroll to the bottom and left-click Save as Draft.  

If billing for retainage, in full, locate the Release Retainage On All Items section in the right side of the screen.  Using this tool will release retainage across each and every line item.  This action is irreversible and is only to be done for the final invoice as the resulting documents will reflect that retainage is due for payment.  Performing this step early will result in a rejected invoice and delayed processing of current payment.

If billing for partial retainge left-click the Edit button.  In the current screen, scroll to the right and locate the Retainage Released This Period section.  Enter the values in their corresponding lines.  Totals will be calculated automatically.

Click Save to save the progress and exit the edit mode or Submit for Review to notify KBDG to review the invoice as outlined below.

Upon submitting the invoice for review, KBDG will be notified via email.  The project team will review the invoice and provide comments if necessary.

If any item(s) require revisions, such comments will be noted in the invoice and the Vendor will be notified via email thru Procore, as seen in the image below.

Left-click the orange hyperlink in the email to log into Procore and view the invoice in question.  Make necessary corrections then submit as outlined in the above steps.

Once the invoice has been reviewed and accepted, KBDG will generate the applicable waivers for signature by the Vendor. KBDG will notify the Vendor, via email thru Procore, that documents are ready for download including clear instructions on how to retrieve them.  DO NOT DELETE THIS EMAIL AS IT NEEDED FOR NEXT STEPS.  An example of the email and instructions are provided below. As a convenience, a hyperlink to the exact invoice is included in the email.  Clicking the link will direct the Vendor to the invoice where documents are ready for retrieval, thus saving time and eliminating confusion.  Alternatively, navigate to the invoice as outlined in the previous sections above.
Once in Procore, navigate to the commitment.
  1. Left-click the Invoice sub-tab to view all invoices.
  2. Click View next to the current invoice.
  3. Locate and left-click the Export dropdown in the top right corner of the screen, then select PDF with Attachments. 
  4. In the menu that immediately follows, check the box to Select All.
  5. Left-click Single PDF at the bottom of the menu to receive an email with a hyperlink to download all necessary documents in a single PDF file.
The system generated email typically arrives within 1 – 2 minutes and contains a hyperlink to the requested documents. Once the email is received, click the hyperlink within it to download the PDF File; print, sign and notarize, as applicable, then save the completed document as a PDF using the following naming convention: REQ##-Commitment Number (e.g. REQ01-SC-18999-001.pdf).

Locate and open the email containing instructions from KBDG to retrieve the documents.  Create a reply and attach the newly saved PDF file (e.g. REQ01-SC-18999-001.pdf) prior to sending. 

Doing so will copy not only the originator of the email but also log the correspondence in Procore for the benefit of the Vendor and KBDG.

Assuming all documents are complete with applicable signatures there are no further steps to be taken.  The invoice will be routed for final acceptance and payment through the KBDG Accounting Department.  If there are questions contact the project team.