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In this current pandemic situation, we are seeing a surge in distribution markets.  This is due to many tech solutions that are fueling the market. Almost 100 big-box warehouses, totaling 60 million square feet, were brought to the market in the past 12 months, according to a recent report from Colliers International.  This is an indication that Warehouse/Distribution and KBD Group stands ready to help meet these demands. With the new supply and demand numbers, there is an expectation that exporting goods will surpass the demand in 2019, and will continue to rise over the next two years. Some of the newer most talked about facility types in the industry will include cold-storage facilities, in-fill/last-mile facilities, and multi-story warehouses.

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Meeting the Distribution Construction Demand

As an active top Warehouse/Distribution construction company, we are highly active and engaged in the construction of distribution facilities across the United States.  As of today, we have over 15 projects currently under contract, totaling over six million SF.  With over 70% of repeated business, KBD Group has earned respect and trust from well-known clients throughout the United States. Our success comes from not only the projects we build, but also from the people we hire. Our highly experienced and professional workers are confident, respectful, and passionate always in supporting and assisting the needs of our clients.

Managing our Warehouse/ Distribution Services

Our Warehouse/Distribution services are split between the North and South regions of the United States.   Each region is managed by highly experienced Business Unit Leaders:  The North Region is managed by John Evans, who has over 40 years of construction experience. The South Region is managed by David Ledford, who has over 34 years of construction experience. David has recently been promoted to Business Unit Leader and just this year, he has been highly active building warehouse distribution facilities in the South.

Business Unit Leaders

John Evans, Warehouse Distribution North
John Evans, Warehouse Distribution North
David Ledford, Business Distribution South
David Ledford, Business Distribution South

Things to Know Before Starting
Your Next Distribution Project

Interview With David Ledford

Question: What are three things a client needs to consider before building a distribution facility?

David Ledford, Warehouse/Distribution
South Business Unit Leader

Question: What are the three biggest challenges you see in warehouse distribution construction and how are you solving those issues?

Question: Why do Clients choose KBD Group to build their facilities?

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