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Refrigerated Warehouse Construction

If your company supplies refrigerated frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, or other products then your first requirement will be warehousing those goods in a temperature-controlled room.  At ‘Kajima Building and Design Group’ (KBD Group), we are experienced construction professionals who can build anything from a large, refrigerated warehouse to small freezer/cooler rooms to help keep your products cooled to the required specifications.  There are always updates to building codes and regulatory compliance when it comes to building refrigerated warehouses and we have been supporting our clients’ needs while maintaining the proper safety requirements for their products.  We understand that every client is unique due to the type of products that needs to be stored and cooled.  Our focus is to build efficient facilities that meet our client’s utmost regulatory and performance requirements

Cold Storage Facilities Supported

Our team can provide solutions for your Cold Storage needs in providing Design services, General Contracting, Construction Management, and Design-Build Services.

Why are we Eligible?

When it comes to building freezers and coolers, having a one-approach-fits-all plan is not a possible or effective one. Every refrigerated warehouse construction is unique. Detailed planning and customization are needed to achieve efficient functionality and produce the highest level of quality. Our professional team understands the importance of meeting the regulatory, safety, and energy efficiency compliance to monitor and maintain your operating costs and keep them low. Preserving that in mind, we work with you to come up with a personally tailored solution for your product demands and needs. We will provide a wide range of construction management services for your refrigerated distribution facility. With our One Team approach, we not only believe in fulfilling your expectations, but in exceeding them.

Our Process

The KBD Group team strives to create a dynamic, well-organized process for every refrigerated warehouse construction project. We emphasis customization and communication to deliver superior service. Our design-build service offers Owners a single point of responsibility for quality, cost and schedule adherence. This places all coordination in KBD Group’s hands, freeing the Owner to focus on its primary business. 

It’s always a great opportunity to know the process in a better way. Let us take you along the condensed and major step of our process:

Plus, we keep you updated along the whole process from conception to turnover to assure that you are completely satisfied with the result.

Refrigerated Projects We Supported

If you are still not sure about our procedures and methods, let’s have a look at some of our recent projects and end users for our freezers and coolers:


Additional Services

Our professional team offers numerous services in addition to building coolers and freezers. Additional services include third-party logistics, process equipment installation, automated systems, and a lot more. KBD Group’s major market focus includes manufacturing, warehouse/distribution, and interiors. We make sure to provide you with a solution to any project that fits within your parameters of cost and schedule.

At KBD Group we stand ready to assist you with your next Freezer Cooler Project.  Contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about how we can help build your success.

PFG Oakwood

KBD Group provided design/build service for this 175,000 square foot greenfield food service facility

XPO Logistics BTS

XPO Logistics BTS

Food & Beverage Warehouse

KBD Group provided Design-Build services for this 127,000 SF freezer/cooler warehouse facility for XPO Logistics’ frozen food distribution operation. Building construction includes Thermomas (R-30) concrete tilt wall exterior panels, 6” Insulated Metal Panel cold storage walls, Insulated and gylcol heated freezer slab, Kalman shrink compensated floor slabs and TPO Roof System. Refrigeration systems include (4) Industrial Freon (R-134A) Split Packaged Units with air cooled condensers and hot gas defrost evaporators. Freezer operating temperatures of -10 F with Cooler and Refrigerated Dock operating temperatures of 38 F. Facility includes a 2500A electrical service, electric fire pump, Dry-Air-Pac air compressor systems and QUELL Pre-Action sprinkler system using Ultra K-17 heads with linear heat detection.