Navigating Through Construction Material Shortages

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the United States construction industry experienced major supply chain disruptions. With the increase in housing shortages in the United States, several companies were left with the difficult decision to halt work on their projects. Amid the return to normal life

Cold Storage


Freezer/Cold Storage

Refrigerated Warehouse Construction

If your company supplies refrigerated frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, or other products then your first requirement will be warehousing those goods in a temperature-controlled room.  At ‘Kajima Building and Design Group’ (KBD Group), we are experienced construction professionals who can build anything from a large, refrigerated warehouse to small freezer/cooler rooms to help keep your products cooled to the required specifications.  There are always updates to building codes and regulatory compliance when it comes to building refrigerated warehouses and we have been supporting our clients’ needs while maintaining the proper safety requirements for their products.  We understand that every client is unique due to the type of products that needs to be stored and cooled.  Our focus is to build efficient facilities that meet our client’s utmost regulatory and performance requirements

Cold Storage Facilities Supported

Our team can provide solutions for your Cold Storage needs in providing Design services, General Contracting, Construction Management, and Design-Build Services.

Why are we Eligible?

When it comes to building freezers and coolers, having a one-approach-fits-all plan is not a possible or effective one. Every refrigerated warehouse construction is unique. Detailed planning and customization are needed to achieve efficient functionality and produce the highest level of quality. Our professional team understands the importance of meeting the regulatory, safety, and energy efficiency compliance to monitor and maintain your operating costs and keep them low. Preserving that in mind, we work with you to come up with a personally tailored solution for your product demands and needs. We will provide a wide range of construction management services for your refrigerated distribution facility. With our One Team approach, we not only believe in fulfilling your expectations, but in exceeding them.

Our Process

The KBD Group team strives to create a dynamic, well-organized process for every refrigerated warehouse construction project. We emphasis customization and communication to deliver superior service. Our design-build service offers Owners a single point of responsibility for quality, cost and schedule adherence. This places all coordination in KBD Group’s hands, freeing the Owner to focus on its primary business. 

It’s always a great opportunity to know the process in a better way. Let us take you along the condensed and major step of our process:

Plus, we keep you updated along the whole process from conception to turnover to assure that you are completely satisfied with the result.

Refrigerated Projects We Supported

If you are still not sure about our procedures and methods, let’s have a look at some of our recent projects and end users for our freezers and coolers:


Additional Services

Our professional team offers numerous services in addition to building coolers and freezers. Additional services include third-party logistics, process equipment installation, automated systems, and a lot more. KBD Group’s major market focus includes manufacturing, warehouse/distribution, and interiors. We make sure to provide you with a solution to any project that fits within your parameters of cost and schedule.

At KBD Group we stand ready to assist you with your next Freezer Cooler Project.  Contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about how we can help build your success.

Warehouse Distribution Construction Keeps Growing

Warehouse/Distribution Construction Keeps Growing…KBD Group Is Meeting the Demand

Warehouse Construction Grows as KBD Group continually meets the demand.

In the middle of a Pandemic, Warehouse Distribution facilities are in high demand in the United States and KBD Group continues to show its strength in this construction market. In December alone, we signed 5 contracts, totaling more than 1.85 million SF. In March, we signed 4 new contracts, totaling 1.47 Million Square Feet. As of now (during the time of this article), we currently have 20 active Warehouse Distribution projects under construction, totaling 8.30 million SF of new facilities expected to be completed this year.  These new projects are led by David Ledford, Vice President and Business Unit Leader for Warehouse Distribution South, and John Evans, Vice President and Business Unit leader for Warehouse Distribution North.

Contracts Signed and Under Construction

0 M SF
December 2020 | 5 Contracts
0 M SF
March 2021 | 4 Contracts
0 M SF
Current | 20 Contracts

We Know How to Build Warehouses

KBD Group understands that constructing distribution centers is highly complex and can involve advanced technology such as robotic systems (KIVA), AS/RS conveyor systems, multilevel storage, and climate-controlled systems to assure products are properly stored and distributed. We also understand that construction cost, market conditions, and land cost play major roles in building new facilities. However, we are experienced in maximizing land use with building size and site development and employ professional, confident, and passionate workers to do so. This means we can take the efficiency and performance of your business to the highest level, given our high standard of design and construction-related services.

Warehouse Technology Supported

Why Clients Trust KBD

With over 70 percent of repeated business, our clients have learned to trust us for their construction needs. We also have a strong market presence of building distribution facilities in the south. Our knowledgeable Pre-Construction Department understands the market and consistently offers a competitive price that is attractive to our clients. Furthermore, our strategic business partners and relationships with subcontractors give us an edge over our competitors. KBD Group prides itself in helping our clients meet their business goals and interests, by offering superior construction services which have helped countless clients with their business goals and interests. We strongly believe that your success is our success. Contact us to learn how we can help build your success.

Clients We Support

When there is a high demand which includes a tight deadline, our clients have consistently trusted our team to meet the demand. We build their facilities with quality while providing them an unbeatable price and highly experience subcontractors.

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Last Mile Logistics Center

Last Mile Logistics Center

Speculative Warehouse

KBD provided general contracting services for a 283,820 SF speculative distribution facility. This project was located on a 16.1-acre site, previously occupied by a golf driving range and clubhouse, which KBD demolished prior to the start of construction. The building features 36’ clear height, typical bay size of 55’ x 56’ (56’ x 60’ bay in the staging area), 49 dock positions, 162 car parking (with electrical car charging stations), 2 drive in doors, ESFR fire protection, gas fired air rotation unit heaters, 1600 Amp electrical service, LED high bay and site lighting, and a 7” thick floor slab. The building skin includes insulated precast concrete wall panels (R14), induction welded “Rhinobond” TPO roof (R16), aluminum windows with insulated glass. Also, a 4200 SF office was constructed to allow the facility to be available for immediate occupancy.

Clayton Commerce

Clayton Commerce Center II

Speculative Warehouse

KBD Group provided general contracting services for a 365,000 SF speculative building. Project scope included site prep, tilt-wall and steel structure, TPO roof, dock doors, storefront and paving.

Building Flooring Manufacturing Facilities

Building Manufacturing Facilities For The Flooring Industry

Regardless of the size of your business, we understand that continuous improvement in productivity is highly needed to increase your profits and competitive advantages. We also understand that the success in building or expanding a flooring manufacturing facility takes examining your current practices and equipment in place. As a result, this allows us to develop a successful construction strategy to assure deadlines are met by providing the best options to our clients. No matter your target audience and manufacturing need, we are ready and fully capable of meeting and exceeding your construction expectations.

We Understand the Flooring Construction Process​

In the flooring industry, producing the product using advanced technologies and the latest automation systems are critical to the successful implementation of the manufacturing process. Understanding our client’s history, commitment, and environmental initiatives gives us an advantage over other construction firms.  Our team of architects, engineers, and design partners will analyze and determine the appropriate equipment, space, and design criteria to construct the facility. As a result, along with an understanding of regulatory factors, our method is guaranteed to save time and will meet the project deadline. One of our strengths is adapting to changes throughout the design/construction process to accommodate the flooring industry’s rapidly shifting requirements. 

Supporting Your Flooring
Manufacturing Needs

We can BUILD or EXPAND your facility to support
your flooring manufacturing needs.

Ceramic Tile


Residential Carpet

Commercial Carpet



Rugs & Mats


Sustainability Design

Providing Sustainable Construction Solutions

We have a long history of “Green Carbon Neutral” building practices that pre-dates the introduction of LEED standards in the USA. We evaluate products and methods from a sustainable standpoint to provide solutions that maximize performance while minimizing the environmental impact. Our team of Architects, Engineers, and Subcontractors collaborate to identify  strategies needed to support our client’s sustainability, structural cost, and schedule goals.  We believe in creating a better world through purposeful construction action in helping our clients reduce carbon footprint.

Creating a better world through purposeful action

Where up-front costs may be increased for a product or method with superior performance, KBDG will provide detailed information to help our clients make the best decision. We believe in creating a better world through purposeful construction action in helping our clients reduce carbon footprint.

Recent Flooring

Client Testimonial

Construction of two primary buildings, totaling more than 525,000 square feet, was awarded to Kajima Building and Design Group – with a strict construction timeline agreed – in order to accommodate multiple vendor equipment delivery and commissioning schedules. In addition, as an Industrial facility, construction consisted of significant Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing utilities to support the manufacturing process. The Kajima team took key ownership in problem solving and coordination of utilities with both their internal engineering team and their sub-contractors, a characteristic demonstrated throughout the project.

This sense of ownership went beyond a commitment to achieving a tight timeline and spoke to their commitment to quality and owner satisfaction – while delivering on their promises. The building, utilities and related infrastructure were completed on-schedule and delivered in a satisfactory condition to the owner.

We would strongly recommend Kajima for consideration in Industrial projects and would be confident and ready to invite them back for our future phases.

Michael Finelli
Business Manager
Project Manager

Building Your Flooring Manufacturing Facility Doesn't have to be hard.

Lets Connect

Throughout the years, many clients have trusted us to successfully build their manufacturing facilities. Our team of experienced construction professionals stands ready to speak to you about your next manufacturing project. With over 55 years of experience and a proven construction track record, we are confident we can meet and exceed your expectations.

Ask a question or share a thought.

Distribution South Business Unit Leader David Ledford


David Ledford

Vice President / Distribution South Business
Unit Leader

Warehouse Distribution South


Vice President/
Business Unit Leader

With the rise of Warehouse/Distribution construction facilities in the South, we want to introduce our Business Unit Leader, David Ledford.  He is responsible for supporting our Warehouse/Distribution Construction efforts in the South. Mr. Ledford is no stranger to the industry and has been working with large developers and businesses to help successfully build and expand their facilities.  He is also an expert in managing multiple projects and as of today he is currently managing over 15 projects totaling over six million SF of construction on the South Side of the U.S Market.

About David Ledford

Mr. Ledford is bringing over 34 years of senior level construction and engineering experience to each distribution project in the South Side of the U.S. He has experience in the commercial and real estate construction sectors, and his areas of expertise include civil, industrial, office, and bulk distribution environments. 

How does David Manage Multiple Projects?


Mr. Ledford is responsible for managing all major aspects of these projects. He supervises a range of project activities from start to finish and is responsible for fostering relationships and alliances between clients and other partners. Mr. Ledford is also serving as the direct liaison between the corporate management, the project staff management, and the company owner, and is providing direct executive oversight for the duration of the project.

We Want to hear about your next Project

KBD Group has a team of senior-level business and construction professionals ready to help answer any questions you may have.  We are willing and ready to help you get started on your next project.  At KBD Group we provide the highest standards of design and construction-related services that will maximize the efficiency and performance of your business.  Please contact us to learn how we can help build your next project.