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KuRa Sushi, Revolving Sushi Bar

KBD Group is proud to share the opening of Kura Revolving Sushi bar, located in Doraville, Georgia, this July, 2017. The popular and expanding Kura Sushi, with over 400 locations throughout Japan, the United States, and Taiwan, offers Sushi prepared with only ORGANIC products and NO MSG for health-conscious consumers.

About Kura Sushi

Kura Sushi offers a unique dining experience in that the sushi and platters are served using a rotating conveyor belt, as is customary practice in many sushi restaurants in Japan. At Kura Sushi, patrons may choose items directly off the rotating conveyor belt or place specific orders of sushi, tempura, and more using a touch screen, which is then sent directly via a separate belt to the customer’s table.

Due to KBD’s excellent project management and skilled professionals, the Kura Sushi Rotating Sushi Bar in Doraville was completed TWO weeks ahead of schedule for an exciting Summer 2017 Grand Opening. Also contributing to the success of the project was the superior international experience of the KBD Group which empowered the KBD Team to excel from design to construction, and in turn, enabled Kura Sushi to save time, resources, and energy. Kura Sushi is very pleased with KBD Group’s services and with the completed facility, and with the early opening of Kura Sushi in the Atlanta Suburb, Kura Sushi connoisseurs are extremely pleased as well.

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